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Hadis Eshq, Ghazal, Love poems and stories in Dari/Farsi/Persian

Contains all Love books, Ghazals, Poems, Sufi and Awlia Stories in Dari/Persian/Farsi.
- Noornama and Shamaelnama
- Divan Hafiz Sherazi: 500 ghazals
- Soragh Eshq
- Kolyaat Shams Tabrizi 3300 ghazals
- Ghazalyaat Saadi Saheb 650 ghazals
- Tazkerat-ul-Awlia (Memoirs of Saints)
- Robayaat Omar Khayyam
- Ghazalyat Mirza Bedil (Q) (2900 ghazals)
- Masnavi Manavi by Mawlana Jallaludin Balkhi (Rumi)
- Bustan Saadi
- More coming soon

- Supports farsi, dari and persian fonts (connected)
- Word translation, You use this feature to translate words to english, german, french and dutch
- Open poems randomly
- Audio support (Divan Hafiz saheb)
- Bookmark
- Share items with friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, dropbox etc.
- Can be moved to SDCard (Android 2.2+)

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